Thursday, 31 March 2011

Stop Motion

we were in groups for this intro to stop motion, it was good fun and we got a good outcome, the animation its self is random but we were just making it up on the spot, but most importantly we were just getting to grips with using the stop motion equipment.

My Music Clip

Boris Gardner - Melting Pot

This is clip of music i have been given, i will design and create an animation 20-30 seconds using a selected part of the song which i will later decided after creating a story board. 

Wednesday, 30 March 2011


Aardman Animations 

Creature Comforts

Here are two short clips i found on the internet, they are from the TV show creature comforts, creature comforts are made by aardmen animations, i love how these are made and would love to be able one day to be able to create an animation like this.

i used these clips by aardmen animations because a couple of years ago i did a workshop in animation with the company creating an animation that lasted just over a minute, unfortunately i was unable to get a copy of the finished animation to publish on my blog, this would of been my first insight into the world of animation, i found it very interesting, i used stop motion animation on this occasion using plasticine to create my figures. 

Motomichi Nakamura 

I was shown this artist in a lecture, i found his work truly fastening and amazing, the use of simple shapes to create such an interesting animation 

Bouncing Ball 

6 shot sequence, short, simple and effective

Animation info


Pixar and Toy Story, Toy Story, amazing films, personally one of my favorites, they are 24 fps i believe and to make a Pixer animation they go through a design process to get there final outcome, here is Pixers design process.............

The process is made up for 14 different stages.... just wow...

Animation is the rapid display of a sequence of images of 2-D or 3-D artwork or model positions in order to create an illusion of movement. The effect is an optical illusion of motion due to the phenomenon of persistence of vision, and can be created and demonstrated in several ways. The most common method of presenting animation is as a motion picture or video program, although there are other methods.

307 × 230 pixels, file size: 25 KB, MIME type: image/gif, looped, 8 frames, 0.6s)

Print to Pixel

we have just been given our new brief and i must say i am excited to get started on it, i have done bits of animation before, i did a workshop with Aardman animations where we created a stop motion animation so very looking forward to getting in to this, i am going to focus on the concept, narrative and storyboard for the first 10% then further my development to give me a final 30 second animation.


Saturday, 12 March 2011

Final Poster

My final poster.....
 i am very pleased with the outcome of my poster, i think it works well, its what i was looking for an feel that it suits the brief well, paper engineering with an incorporation of a digital aspect, i chose a cream and light gray theme as i feel that those colours represent anniversary and celebration.

Poster Layouts

here i am messing around with poster layouts, finding out how i was going to position my typographic paper sculptures, thinking about what was going to Incorporated within my poster. 

GF Smith typeface, this is the type face they use on there website so i thought i would use it in my poster so i have elements of there company within my design. 

Relevant Artist Research For My Poster

I have decided to use and do a version of yulia brodskayas work with using typographic illustration 

flowing swirl idea

all of this work i find amazing and inspirational

Poster Development

I started by opening a new page, i used custom for an a2 size poster, 420mm x 594mm 

Secondly I imported the photograph of my typographic sculpture in Adobe Photoshop CS5 and using the scale tap I enlarged my photograph to a2 size

To take away shape edges on my current poster I decided to add a filter to give my poster a different feeling, the steps I went through were - I added a cross hatch filter with a stroke length of 18, sharpness of 20 and a strength of 1 

Adding the logo of GF Smith to my poster is simply just a goggled image then copied into Photoshop, using the magic wond I selected the logo its self to get rid of the background and pasted into my poster

I then added grids so my alignment was correct and visual appealing so everything was in place 

I then added my digital typeface, I used an Edwardian script font to keep with the flowing shapes of my poster, also using the grid system again to keep everything inline, the digital type is in three separate layers, Years of - 40pt

Design Museum - 50pt
01-31 July 2011 - 50pt
Both the digital type and GF Smith logo are the same colour (gray) 

This is my basic layout idea for visually appealing layout, I plan to follow this method so it’s easy on the eye

Friday, 11 March 2011

Task 2 - 100 years of GF Smith Paper

I spent quite a lot of time on the GF Smith website just to get a feeling for the company, and what sort of posters thay have created, so i would be able to create someing inkeeping with there theme, from what i have found out about the company and looked into they have a basic colour scheme, typeface and logo that they have used throughout. 

GF Smith logo 

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

3D Sculpture

My final sculpture to hang in the sheaf atrium supported by thin string to hold the sculpture up and in its hanging position  

Its made up of 22 rectangle hollow blocks all brought together to create a spiral effect

The piece is held together with doublesided tape, staples and spray glue 

I am very pleased with my final 3D sculpture, its everything that i was hoping for, i feel my design was had a strong development process so the sculpture its self works very well, when this piece is hanging in the sheaf atrium i think that it will look really good, a downwards spiral in a flowing shape with a organic line structure.