Tuesday, 3 May 2011


About my animation, i based my animation on my three words about my music happy, relaxed and simple, i wanted to create an animation purely using adobe after effects so learn and develop my skills in the programme and to create a smooth flowing 30 second animation. 

when listening to my music it felt like you were on a journey so i wanted to replicate this in the imagery, my animation its self is a simple design but i feel its effective. 
i decided to go with a colour scheme of white, black and red as they are powerful colours and i feel the colours together work very well, my animation is a journey, a little ball falling and following a line to get to its destination, rolling up hill and down to the music and changing in scale, eventually the ball coming to end falling off a platform as he goes to fast and cant stop hitting another platform bouncing back and exploding to finally end my 30 second animation, by doing this hoped to create a interesting outcome that even if the music wasn't there you would be able to see a change in tone and pitch so a visual to music, a form of sound waves.

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