Tuesday, 3 May 2011


Here is my development progress and the steps i went thorough in after effects to create my animation, i will talk you thought the steps, so you will be able to see how i created my 30 second animation 

I started by opening Adobe After Effects CS5

opening a new composition 

here is my blank composition 

to animate a line layer > new> solid 

here is the new layer i just made, i will now reduce the opacity so to 0% 

adding text, i simply just used the text tool to get mt text to appear in the composition 

now using the pen tool i followed the outline of the text, then putting the opacity back up to 100% 

this is a new layer to create my line in my first shot, the rule layer> new> solid and simply using the pen tool again i drew a straight line then to animate the line using the timer 'end' 0% move up your scale then back to 100% 

positioning my key frames in the correct places to give me the right timings and look 

putting the ball into the animation layer > new > null object 

i selected the colour then drew the shape of the ball, holding the shift key to get a perfect ball 

and there it is :) i positioned the ball over the o in Rob 

i then removed the o in Rob so that when the ball drops it looks like the red ball is the o 

testing the animation so far to see if it fits and paying with my keyframes

playing with scale

using the same technique i made more lines and made the ball follow it, i did this by simply just usoing the position tap and dragging the ball in the direction i wanted

tweeking the ball so that follows the line but also messing with the scale of the ball to add effect 

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